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Assault with a deadly weapon is a serious crime. If you have been arrested or charged with this crime, you could face potentially serious consequences. Early investigation into the charge is extremely vital to the defense case.  Using force on another in order to defend your property or person is not necessarily assault. If someone were forced to physically harm another in order to prevent them from committing a crime such as burglary, the force would be considered necessary.

Is Assault With a Deadly Weapon a Felony?

Depending on the severity of the charge, it will be seen as a Class B or D felony. Assault is seen as an attempt to commit a violent injury to an individual while having possession of the means to do so (the weapon). If you have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, do not wait to speak to an attorney educated in California laws.

Factors that can affect the severity of the charge include:

  • Type of injury inflicted
  • Type of weapon used
  • Whether or not there is a possibility of mistaken identity
  • Justification for the crime

The amount of injury can play a large part in the penalties assigned. This point should be analyzed by a lawyer as the court will often pursue the highest penalty regardless of the extent of the injury. The object in question may not be categorized as a weapon according to law; however, the incident may still be charged as assault.

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