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Our constitution allows us to bear arms.

This means that everyone has a right to possess a gun if they so choose. There are, however, regulations on these constitutional rights that were written into California law. If you are facing gun possession charges, we at West Coast Defense may be able to minimize the charges against you and lessen or eradicate the attendant penalties.

Gun & Weapon Charges in California

Our law firm houses highly sought after criminal defense attorneys with a stellar background. Anthony is a former Deputy District Attorney and has helped many clients charged with criminal offenses have their charges dropped. If you are currently facing gun charges, speak with a Long Beach criminal attorney today.

You may be charged with illegal gun possession on the following grounds:

  • The firearm was without valid documentation such as a permit
  • The firearm was illegally possessed due to being a convicted felon
  • The firearm had a fake or destroyed serial number
  • The firearm was possessed by a minor

Firearms charges usually carry heavy penalties. They are rarely charged as merely a misdemeanor offense. This is why it is crucial to have someone on your side who knows exactly what to look for in a gun charges defense trial. It could mean the difference between a minimized penalty and the highest level of conviction.

Often, a mandatory sentencing will apply such as in the case of a gun being used to commit another crime. An attorney may be able to review the grounds on which your gun was confiscated. If it is found that police illegally searched your house, person, or car, the gun may no longer be legitimate evidence. If you would like to know more about how a criminal defense attorney can greatly benefit you, speak with an attorney immediately. If we are retained, we can begin constructing a solid defense strategy. We have a proven record of success with gun charges as well as other criminal offenses.

Contact us at (800) 922-6989 to schedule a no-cost consultation and case review with one of our attorneys. We can advise you of the potential consequences.

Some of Our Past Results
    • Charged with being drunk in public Case Dismissed
    • Charged with Battery Case DISMISSED
    • Arrested for Domestic Violence Case was dropped
    • Charged with Carrying a Concealed Weapon ALL FELONY CHARGES WERE DISMISSED
    • Charged with Felonious Crime Case Diverted, No Charges Filed.
    • Charged with White Collar Fraud Probation with home confinement.
    • Charged with Criminal Threats Case Dismissed
    • Firearm in airport No criminal charges filed.
    • Charged with Being Drunk in Public Case DISMISSED.
    • Charged with domestic violence Case Dismissed
    • Arrested for a Felony possession DRUG CHARGES DISMISSED
    • Misdemeanor sexual battery Case Dismissed
    • Accused of a Felony Criminal Threats Entire case was dropped
    • Charged with Cruelty to a Child Inflicting Injury CASE DISMISSED
    • Misdemeanor hit and run Case Dismissed
    • Accused of sexual assault Case Dismissed
    • Charged with Illegal Possession Case Dismissed
    • Charged with Felony Domestic Violence with Great Bodily Injury No Charges Filed
    • Charged with two counts, misdemeanor assault Case Dismissed
    • Assault and battery Case Dismissed
    • Charged with Battery on a Child / Child Abuse Case Dismissed
    • Arrested for Domestic Violence CASE DISMISSED
    • Possession of brass knuckles Case Dismissed
    • Charged with Vandalism Case Dismissed
    • Accused of Child Molestation CASE DISMISSED
    • Charged with Petty Theft DISMISSED
    • Hit and run collision No criminal charges filed.
    • Charged with driving under the influence of drugs Case Dismissed
    • Charged with driving on a suspended license Misdemeanor dismissed, reduced to ticket
    • Fish and Game Violations Case Dismissed
    • Charged with Giving False Information Case Dismissed
    • Charged with Criminal Threats Charged Reduced
    • Arrested for Felony Arson All felony charges DISMISSED
    • Arrested for Violation of Probation ALL ALLEGATIONS WERE DROPPED
    • Fish and game violations Case Dismissed
    • Charged with possession of body armor Case Dismissed and no violation of probation
    • Charged with Possession of a Firearm Felony Charge Dismissed
    • Charged with Reckless Driving DISMISSED
    • Carrying a Concealed Knife Misdemeanors were dismissed.
    • Fish and Game Violations Case Dismissed
    • Charged with Multiple Felony Counts ALL FELONY COUNTS DISMISSED

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