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If you’ve been arrested and are being accused of a drug crime, you are going to need some help. Innocent or not, defending criminal charges and getting a desirable outcome takes a skilled, savvy attorney who is willing to put in long hours and work tirelessly to get you the result you want. That’s who we are at West Coast Defense, and we are prepared to begin helping you immediately.

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Types of Drug Crimes

There are a number of drug crimes police may accuse you of at the point of your arrest, including:

  • Drug trafficking: This is one of the most serious criminal drug convictions you can receive. Depending on the offense, a drug trafficking conviction can get you life in prison and massive fines to go with it.
  • Drug possession: Whether you are caught with illegal drugs or caught using a controlled substance without a prescription from a doctor, you can still be convicted, fined, and sentenced if convicted of drug possession. In California, this could be either a misdemeanor or a felony, landing you in prison for up to 16 months and fines of up to $10K. You are more likely to see stricter punishment if it looks like you had enough of the drug(s) to sell or distribute it.
  • Drug manufacturing: You may be arrested and charged with drug manufacturing if you are found to be growing, cooking, or otherwise producing drugs or ingredients needed to make certain drugs. A conviction would make you a felon and land you in prison for 3-5 years and stuck with up to $50K.
  • Prescription fraud: If it appears that you have sold or intended to sell prescription drugs illegally, you may be charged with prescription fraud and sentenced with up to 5 years of imprisonment and fines. This is typically considered a felony offense, and you do not have time to waste if facing prescription fraud charges. Get in touch with a defense attorney immediately.

Can You Be Deported for Drug Charges in California?

Yes, you can. Whether your drug offense is serious or relatively minor, mere accusations of a drug crime can put your immigration status in jeopardy and could result in deportation. It is imperative that you seek legal representation immediately if you are a non-citizen being accused of a drug crime.

What Should I Do After Getting Arrested for a Drug Crime?

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