Defending Clients Charged with Crimes

Over 20 Years Fighting Injustice

Defending Clients Charged with Serious Crimes

Being criminal defense law firm, we are often asked the following questions regarding those who we represent:

  • How can you defend somebody who has been charged with such serious crimes?
  • How could you represent someone who is obviously guilty?

We also get this question from colleagues who knew that our leader attorney as prosecuting attorney for 14 years:

  • How could I go over to the dark side?

Our response is that it’s not the dark side, but the side that defends justice each day.

In Stalinist Russia, nobody referred to it is a defense lawyer state. It was called a police state. However, we live in the United States where we have rights. No other profession is guaranteed in the Constitution and its Bill of Rights but the defense lawyer. The defense lawyer is guaranteed to every person when they have been charged with a crime. Liberty in American demands it.

History is filled with people who have been wrongly accused, arrested, and convicted. The only protection those people have is the right to be defended. It is not the job of the police and the prosecution to protect the innocent. It is their job to arrest and prosecute people.

The Right to a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When people make the assumption that our client is “obviously guilty,” our response is, “how do they know that our client is guilty when they don’t know our client and they don’t know any of the evidence?" It is the defense lawyer who seeks the truth on behalf of that person. Oppressive regimes have prosecutorial justice systems but we live in a country where every citizen has the right to a defense attorney. We represent clients and the American justice system. For those who ask how he can do it, the truth is it is the American right to do it.

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The Winning Defense Team

  • DRUG CHARGES DISMISSED Arrested for a Felony possession
  • CASE DISMISSED Arrested for Domestic Violence
  • Case was dropped Arrested for Domestic Violence
  • CASE DISMISSED Accused of Child Molestation
  • DISMISSED Charged with Petty Theft
  • DISMISSED Charged with Reckless Driving
  • Case Dismissed Hit and Run
  • Charges Dismissed Gun at Airport
  • Case Dismissed Hit and run
  • ALL FELONY CHARGES WERE DISMISSED Charged with Carrying a Concealed Weapon