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Long Beach is recognized as being a major site for the trafficking of illegal drugs, both into the U.S. and throughout the region. It is part of the U.S. Government's Los Angeles High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA), which means that local and state law enforcement agencies receive funds and support from the Drug Enforcement Administration and other federal agencies.

To qualify as an HIDTA, a region must meet the criteria:

  • Be a major center for the production, manufacture, importation, or distribution of illegal drugs
  • Local / state law enforcement agencies have committed their own resources to cracking down on trafficking
  • Drug related activities have a significant negative impact on the local community
  • Federal government recognizes the need to devote funding / resources to reducing the rate of drug crimes

Long Beach's Participation in the HIDTA Program

Given that Long Beach is so close to Mexico and the site of the third-busiest seaport in the world, it is inevitable that it would be the site of a large amount of trafficking, much of which is charged in connection to gang crimes. The Long Beach Police Department is an official participant in the Los Angeles HIDTA program, meaning that law enforcement agencies are working to apprehend and convict anyone engaged in the trafficking of illegal drugs.

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Drug trafficking is a felony criminal offense, whether you are charged by state prosecutors for Sale or Transportation of a Controlled Substance or if you are being prosecuted for a federal drug trafficking offense. The specific penalty you could receive if convicted depends on factors such as the quantity of drugs involved, where the drugs are classified on the Schedule of Controlled Substances, and whether you are also accused of any type of gang related offense or gun crime. Contact us for a confidential consultation with a Long Beach defense lawyer to learn about what to expect and to discuss strategies he may be able to use to defend your future. 

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