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Robbery Defense Lawyers in Long Beach, CA

Robbery is a serious charge. Since robbers usually disguise their identity, eyewitness identification is not always apparent. Additionally, eye witness accounts can be unreliable if the witness is in a state of extreme stress that accurate perception isn't possible or in a position where identification can't be established beyond question.

Criminal Defense Representation for Robbery

Therefore, prosecutors rely on forensic evidence such as hair samples, DNA, fingerprints, etc. to identify the perpetrator of the alleged crime. Robbery sounds like a simple charge but it is a complex one to prove. An experienced Long Beach defense lawyer can analyze the case and exploit any aspect to the benefit of his client. West Coast Defense has extensive experience with robbery cases, understand the weaknesses of forensic evidence and can build your case to defend your rights and get the most favorable result possible.

A crime victim is usually under extreme stress and cannot be counted on to accurately describe the crime. Witnesses may be in such a location to obscure part or all of the proceedings and be similarly unreliable. Forensic evidence may be "scientific" but can be brought into question due to the subjective nature of evaluating the worthiness and accuracy of such evidence. Sometimes, the person suspected of the crime confesses to it out of fear and stress when he did not actually commit it. There are so many variables to a robbery charge that it takes a skilled legal advisor to evaluate them all and determine which should be utilized in the defense of his client.

Proven Results Representing Clients

Mr. Falangetti has extensive experience as a deputy district attorney in the greater Los Angeles area. This experience has given him the benefit of understanding the viewpoint of the prosecutor in robbery cases. Armed with this type of inside information, our firm can evaluate every aspect of a robbery charge and create an aggressive defense that will produce the most favorable result possible. We have a proven success rate of obtaining favorable results for our clients charged with robbery and other criminal offenses.


If you are under investigation or have been arrested for robbery, contact Anthony Falangetti at (800) 922-6989 to schedule a free initial consultation. Our legal team can review your case and discuss the available options.


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