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Crimes involving drugs are different from other types of criminal offenses. When you have been arrested and charged with drug possession, you are not being accused of harming another person, as in the case of a sex crime. You are not even being accused of depriving another person of property as in a theft, or placing others at risk as in a DUI. Instead, you can be convicted, fined, imprisoned, and forced to spend the rest of your life based on the simple fact that you were in possession of an illegal substance. It is true that drugs are dangerous to your own physical health, and it may be true that when under the influence of drugs you might be more susceptible to causing an accident or otherwise harming someone. However, in most cases of drug possession, the defendant has not committed any other crime than to have drugs on his or her person, in a vehicle or in the home.

Most Arrested Are Not Hardened Criminals

Most people who are arrested for possession are not hardened criminals. They are people who have never before been involved in the criminal justice system and are typically frightened and overwhelmed by the experience, not knowing what to expect next and greatly concerned about their future. If you are personally in this position, you can find help and support by coming to West Coast Defense, where Long Beach defense attorney is a former prosecutor who has a long history of handling cases such as yours. The state government reports that 16% of the California prison population is there for drug possession, but with our help you may not have to join them.

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The penalty you could receive if convicted of possession of drugs depends on the specific type of drug, since different drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, crack, methamphetamines, prescription painkillers, heroin, and ecstasy are categorized according to their dangerousness and potential for addiction. In addition, the quantity of drugs plays a role in determining the sentence, given that if you were found with especially large amounts of drugs the prosecutor may argue that you had the intent to distribute or sell the drugs.

In any event, you can expect that a conviction would lead to time in jail, fines, and probation that might include mandatory substance abuse treatment. Contact West Coast Defense at (800) 922-6989 for a confidential consultation to discuss the case and begin work on a strategy for defending your future.

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