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There have been a steady stream of shocking news stories about child sex abuse scandals involving priests, Boy Scout troop leaders, sports coaches, and others. It is also becoming increasingly common for the victims to come forward with allegations that may result in criminal and civil action against the alleged accuser.

As a result, there is even greater public outrage at reports of this serious sex crime, and if you have personally been accused, it is utterly vital that you take defensive action now to protect your reputation, clear your name, and avoid the harsh consequences you could face if convicted of the charges.

Elements of Child Molestation as a Crime

Child molestation charges are normally filed as Lewd Acts with a Child. To prove your guilt, the prosecutor will have to establish that you touched or fondled the alleged victim with the purpose of achieving sexual arousal or gratification. It is not necessary to prove you actually touched the child's sexual organs; the contact may have been through clothing. All that is necessary is that the contact was intentional and that it was sexual in nature.

If you are convicted of child molestation, you can receive felony criminal penalties including several years in state prison. The severity of the sentence depends on factors including the age of the child, whether you are accused of using force, whether the child was injured, whether the molestation occurred in a single isolated incident, or if it was a series of repeated episodes, and whether you have previously been convicted.

Upon release from prison, you would be required to register for life as a sex offender, meaning that local law enforcement agencies would have the right to actively notify the community of your presence and the nature of your conviction. In addition, your information and home address would be included on the California Megan's Law website. There is far too much at stake in this situation for you to take any risks with the outcome of the case.

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