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The sales of any type of controlled substance whether an illegal drug or prescription medication, can lead to a heavy sentence. Our legal team serves as defense counsel in a range of drug offenses, including cases of drug sales or trafficking. This includes the distribution of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, ecstasy, and narcotic prescription drugs such as Oxycodone, Vicodin, and Percocet. Illegal prescription drug sales are on the rise, and there is a great deal of focus by local, state and federal task forces to reduce such activity.

Crimes Involving Narcotic Sales

A person who has a valid prescription could sell or exchange drugs with another person, not considering the legal consequences. Those who facilitate the illegal sale of prescription medications in any manner, whether an individual, pharmacist, or physician, could be facing charges of felony conspiracy, or aiding and abetting. Drug sales could be filed as a drug trafficking felony. Regardless of the situation, our firm can defend it aggressively.

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Attorney Anthony J. Falangetti is a former Deputy District Attorney and has been listed as one of the National Trial Lawyers® Top 100 Trial Lawyers. He knows how the prosecution builds a case, and what it takes to craft a knockdown defense strategy. You may be a victim of circumstances, and prison time is not warranted.

Anthony Falangetti is a criminal attorney ranked among the top 5% of lawyers for his performance and results on defending the rights of his clients. He is also an elite lawyer who has achieved many case dismissals and other positive case outcomes, and is known for his insight, talent and skill. If you are facing a drug sales charge in Southern California, call Mr. Falangetti of West Coast Defense at (800) 922-6989. He can help.

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  • Case Dismissed Assault and battery
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  • CASE DISMISSED Arrested for Domestic Violence
  • Case was dropped Arrested for Domestic Violence
  • DRUG CHARGES DISMISSED Arrested for a Felony possession
  • Case Dismissed Accused of sexual assault
  • CASE DISMISSED Accused of Child Molestation