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California has instituted a "three strikes" law that applies to repeat offenders who continue to commit serious crimes. The result is that those who continue to commit violent crimes after an initial conviction will be subject to increased penalties that can escalate up to a full life sentence for a third conviction.

Your Freedom Is at Stake

If you are facing a charge considered a three strikes offense, you need an attorney immediately to assist in fighting the charges. Some of the pitfalls in this law is that certain offenders may not be aware they committed a three strikes offense, as certain crimes labeled serious or violent, such as robbery or burglary that may not have resulted in any physical contact, can still be considered a three strikes offense. Protecting yourself from the severe consequences of a conviction is of paramount importance, and the former Deputy District Attorney of West Coast Defense are prepared to help you seek to avoid such a negative outcome. Knowing the criminal justice system and working with prosecutors to lessen potential charges can lead to a better outcome.

The Penalties Can Be Severe

The penalties for a three strikes offense are harsh, often doubling the normal sentence if you have a prior conviction for a strike offense. Getting a sentence reduced also becomes more difficult with prior strike offenses on your record. A third strike offense is the most serious of all, possibly landing you in prison for 25 years to life.

Until recently it was possible to accumulate three strikes and end up in prison for life for an offense as minor as shoplifting; however, in November 2012, the voters of California amended the law in a show of compassion to restrict the three strikes rule to serious and violent felonies such as rape or murder.

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If you are facing a three strikes charge, our firm is familiar with the technical points and can effectively provide a defense strategy to help avoid maximum penalties. Working to change prior convictions or a current charge from being a strike offense to a normal charge is an important step in this defense. In the event that a loved one is currently serving time in prison after a conviction on the earlier version of the three strikes law, we may be able to help you file a motion to have a life sentence reduced to six years by reducing a third strike conviction to a second strike.

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